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The GRATERZ Rope Protector

The GRATERZ Rope Protector for metal and composite grating is a lightweight rope protector. This rope protector is easy to use, durable, fits into any grating size and remains in position with two attachment points. 


Provides protection for ropes (13 mm max)
Tough reinforced construction
Fits any grating size
Two points for attaching positioning cords
Wear indicators show when to be replaced


Dimensions: 70mm x 70mm x 45mm
Sizing: 13 mm max rope diameter
Weight: 40gms
Conformity: Non PPE


Metal and composite gratings have sharp edges, they damage and frey ropes shortening the lifespan of your ropes.

To prevent this form happening use the new and improved GRATERZ rope protector for metal and composite grating.

Download the GRATERZ Rope Protector Specification Sheet

Available from the following distributors and resellers

Altius North America

Altius Africa